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Dance Footage

Showreel 2020:
BBC Young Dancer Solo
'Near the Place where
Your Feet Pass'
BBC Young Dancer Solo:
(Choreographed in collaboration with Laila Diallo)
BBC Young Dancer Grande Finale return Solo, 2019:
(Choreographed by Nafisah Baba) 
Isla De Lobos Swimwear shoot:
(Directed by James Copeman and Sophia Melvin)
Moss Kena 'Begging' Music Video:
(Choreographed by Ally Green,
Directed by Bullion Productions)
BBC Young Dancer Duet 2017:
(Choreographed by Jodie Blemings,
dancing with Lois Wong)
La Roux 'International Woman of Leisure' Music Video':
(Choreographed by Hannah Ekholm, Directed by Nova Dando, Produced by Nancy Ryan)
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